Wedding Wishing Well

Wedding Wishing Well

You have been living together for quite sometime now and don’t want pots and pans nor several sets of bed sheets or tea towels for your wedding gifts. Have you thought about having a wedding wishing well?

A wedding wishing well is a modern spin on guests giving the newlyweds money as there wedding gift. This is normally done by having a wishing well or box in the wedding reception where your guests can put there card and money. Some guests prefer to have a separate card and envelope so the newlyweds don’t know how much the guests have given them but wish ever way I’m sure the newlyweds would be grateful to just have your company.

A wedding wishing well is an easy option also for the guests as there is nothing worse than having to buy a gift when you have no idea what to buy. At least, this way the guests don’t really have to think about a gift and the newlyweds can spend it however they wish. With the cost of weddings becoming greater and greater many find themselves having to sort financial assistance to get the wedding of their dreams and with having a wedding wishing well this will enable them to put the cash back off the loan or even fund there honeymoon or pay some off there mortgage.

So, once you have decided to provide your guests with a wishing well, you need to inform them of this when sending out the wedding invitation. Some couples like to include a little poem in there wedding invitation wording that is worded similar to this:

More than just kisses so far we’ve shared
Our home has been made with love and care
Most things we need we’ve already got
Like a toaster and kettle, pans and pots

A wishing well we thought would be great (but only if you wish to participate):

A gift of money is placed in the well
Then make a wish… but do not tell
Once we’ve replaced the old with the new
We can look back and say it was thanks to you!
And in return for your kindness we’re sure
that one day soon you’ll get what you wished for


They have their dishes and towels for two
They have pots and pans and oven mitts too
So what do you get for the Bride & Groom
Whose house is setup in every room?
Their house needs repairs and some upgrades too
But you can not register for carpet and glue.
A well that holds wishes is the way to go
So lets make it easy for all that know.
An envelope will be provided for those who have room,
To give a monetary wish to the Bride and Groom
A wishing well will be on display at the reception hall

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Never A Good Idea To Settle For Anything Other Than The Best When It Comes To Wedding Photography

Never A Good Idea To Settle For Anything Other Than The Best When It Comes To Wedding Photography

Hiring the services of a great photographer is not something that one can afford to overlook when planning a wedding. It is vital to consider and value both the photographer as well as his studio. With so many photographers around it is surely a challenge to be able to choose one. Following these tips will help you choose a photographer who would be able to do justice to the task assigned to them thereby letting you create a collage of memories of your wedding that you can cherish later.

Asking for samples of the photographer’s previous work will let you asses his talents and lead you to make a decision on if he is the right one for you.

Asking friends for references is an almost sure shot way of zeroing on a good wedding photographer because friends only give names of people they have worked with and have liked.

Arranging for a one to one meeting with the photographer will let you discuss all the plans and will give you a good idea of how serious the person is about his job. This will also help you assess the photographer’s nature which has to be appealing and approachable.

Weddings are most definitely a very romantic occasion and couples always wish to make them even more memorable by adding a lot of excitement, adventure and also sometimes a bit of exotic experiences in the form of unique photography. This can only be done with the help of a professional. Professionalism of a wedding photographer can benefit the couple tremendously because an experienced wedding photographer would have all the equipment and expertise that is necessary to capture the occasion in the most beautiful way.

Professionals use equipment that helps capture the best pictures. They may demand a higher fee; however it is totally worth paying for as you are presented with pictures of top quality that you would proudly flaunt among your friends and relatives. A photographer who assure you quality and promises you quality is one who you cannot afford to let go because photographers rarely guarantee results. This ensures that the results will be fantastic.

Some wedding photographers are accredited members of the AIPP, Australian Institute of Professional Photography. To become a member the photographer needs to have completed the accreditation process from the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. Although AIPP is a great institute be part of it, be aware that there are great photographers out there who chose not to be part of the institute. So don’t be discouraged if you favorite photographer is not accredited, it’s a matter of choice and does not dictate their ability to capture your wedding in a professional creative way.

Many photographers who have managed the accreditation may still be amateurs and may be inexperienced with wedding photography. It is vital that you check for previous work experiences to make sure you have the best.

 The most skillful and amazing photographs are taken by the experienced Sunshine Coast photographer. This is exactly why experience is a very important consideration to be made on choosing a Family Photographer Sunshine Coast.

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Wedding Wishes

Wedding Wishes

Toronto weddings are among the most treasured events in society that they occur. The major means of transport of the couple to the event is wedding limousine, which might be funded by a wealthy relative conveying their love and wedding wishes to the couple. For many people weddings spell the beginning of a new life with the one they love. Hiring a professional wedding photographer and wedding videographer is the best way a couple can ensure that all the memories and wishes are stored for posterity. A Toronto photographer is a well-trained professional, since the images they capture are well intended to portray family and friends convey their wedding wishes to the couple. Images with both relatives and friends delivering their speeches at Toronto weddings, an action that is of great traditional significance are also captured.

Ontario weddings are renowned as merry making events with an on going conveyance of wishes to the couple. The wishes are as varied as the people who attend these weddings. The expression media of these wishes vary too, from cards to posters to speeches delivered by individuals close to the couple. Some of the wedding wishes conveyed on gifts are meant to blend decor present during the Ontario wedding reception. The uniqueness of a great majority of these wishes is portrayed in the manner at which they blend with the day’s prevalent mood. Friends and family buy gifts for their loved ones, which are meant to express their wedding wishes.

When a person is invited to a Mississauga wedding, they are requested to articulate their wedding wishes. However, most of those asked to convey this wishes get nervous and in most cases are not able to speak publicly. There are several ways that one can be able to express their wedding wishes at a Mississauga wedding. These have been adequately conveyed by many renowned writers and poets and may be expressed to the couple. Personalizing these wishes to suit the couple adds personality to it. One can have the Mississauga photographer specifically capture these wishes providing beautiful memories of these wedding wishes since they are images etched in wedding photos or wedding pictures. These provide a host of memories both for the conveyor of the message and the recipient. Thus, this makes certain that the event remains memorable to both parties.

When people are called upon to make an impromptu wedding wishes a professional wedding DJ could play music as one awaits those called upon to deliver their speeches. This ensures that the event is not plagued by silent uneventful moments. Some may actually dedicate their wishes through songs which the DJ can play. This helps to avoid copying the style used by others and creates variety. While making wedding wishes it is advisable to share experiences shared with the couple. This helps the guests differentiate between parents, extended relatives, former school mates and colleagues. The wedding wishes should serve as a personal connection between the conveyor and the couple, thus making certain that the wishes are personalized to suit the event.

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